• Why do lavalier and headset microphones have advantages over handheld microphones?

    The emergence of wireless microphones, Contact:Song Haizhu Contact:Make the user of the microphone (singer, musician, actor or speaker) free from the constraints of the wire, thus greatly expanding its activity space. Early wireless microphone is modelled on the traditional wired microphone shape and process, almost all handheld (handheld mic.) products, although in the playback of sound quality and play the user's subjective initiative (such as the use of near, speaking effect), handheld microphone has certain advantages, but because of the occupation of the actor (or speaker) of a hand, coupled with the user's face obscured, so that people always feel a little bit of the image. Affect the image, so people always feel a little inconvenience and beauty.

    best wireless lavalier microphone

    Subsequently began to appear lavalier microphone, especially in China in recent years the popular headset microphone, to a large extent to overcome these shortcomings thus can be gradually developed by the community widely welcomed, has become a microphone family in the emerging "new favorite"!

    1、Clip-on wireless microphone

    Clip-on wireless microphones include lavalier microphones that pick up the human voice and clip-on microphones for musical instruments (clip-on mic.), the shape of which are shown in Figure 1, Figure 2.

    Lavalier microphones

    In fact, however, many manufacturers produce certain types of clip-on microphones for both lapel clips and instrument clips. Clip-on microphones come in a variety of similar varieties and names, such as button-on, neck-hanging, pin-on, and wearable.

    The transmitter of a lavalier wireless microphone hangs from the actor's waist and is connected to the microphone's pole head by a cable. Usually omnidirectional poles are used and have specially designed anti-vibration devices to reduce the noise generated by the microphone and microphone cable rubbing against the user's clothes.

    In order to further reduce this harmful noise, there are some tips for microphone use. For example, try to avoid friction between the microphone head and clothing when wearing the microphone, use microphone clips to keep the cable relatively fixed, and keep the connector part of the cable and microphone head from being affected by the stretching of the cable.

    Since the high-frequency component of the speech signal is radiated towards the front of the mouth, microphone clips in front of the chest pickup will have a loss of high-frequency signal, so the frequency response of the lavalier microphone is intentionally designed to have a boost of usually 8-10 dB at 2-7 kHz, with a boost peak at 5 kHz, and this boost also compensates to some extent for the high-frequency loss caused by clothing shading.

    In addition, there is frequency boost at 700 Hz for men and 800 Hz for women due to resonance in the chest cavity, and some lavalier microphones use acoustic or electrical methods to equalize this boost.

    The birth of the clip-on (later described as head-to-head) wireless microphone took stage sound amplification and conference sound amplification technology to a new level. It completely freed up the user's hands and greatly expanded the user's range of motion.

    The speaker is no longer tied to the microphone lead, nor does he or she have to hold the microphone and take up a hand and cover the face (the lavalier wireless microphone is easy to hide).

    You can also leave the podium when needed, fully use vivid body language, operate the presentation equipment, point to the wall chart with a whip, write on the blackboard with chalk or write on the whiteboard with a special pen, switch the AV system with a hand click on the touch screen, and even walk to any location in the classroom or conference hall to interact with the audience.

    Singers and musicians can play among themselves on stage while dancing and singing, or they can directly pull a violin, play guitar or even play the saxophone into the audience for more intimate interactive communication. As for drama, opera, operetta, musicals, all achieved unprecedented aural and visual effects!

    The lavalier microphone is mainly used for language enhancement (conference presentations, teaching and training, news broadcasts, drama, comedy and other performances, film and television synchronized sound source), with good results. However, because the microphone position is far from the mouth, the directionality of the microphone can only be omnidirectional, so it is easy to produce feedback whistling, need to pay attention to the regulation of the system. Lavalier wireless microphone is generally not suitable for singing, the effect is not good.

    Clip-on instruments using microphone work can usually clip on the trumpet, trombone, tuba and saxophone bell, guitar plucking treatment position information as well as through the fiddle code position, can get a fairly good pickup effect, see Figure 2.

    Clip-on microphone for musical instrument

    2、Headset microphone

    Headset microphone is a rapidly developing variety of wireless microphone in recent years. People can see the development trend of microphone technology from the CCTV Spring Festival Gala for many years. In the early days, handheld wireless microphones were widely used for singing and dancing performances, while stand-up microphones were used for comedy and musical instrument performances.

    Later, some language programs, such as skits, gradually adopted clip-on wireless microphones. With the development of technology, as the headset microphone pickup head near the mouth, can be equipped with a heart-shaped or super heart-shaped microphone, pickup effect is getting better and better, and not easy to whistle, especially the shape is increasingly small and chic, coupled with people's aesthetic changes, early thought that hanging a thing by the ear indecent, but now feel that hanging a new trend of headset microphone is "cool ".

    Including singing and dancing, singing, language programs and interview programs, including variety shows are also increasingly using headset microphones.

    The use of headset microphones is also becoming increasingly popular in a wide range of areas such as training, teaching, tour guiding, exhibition lectures, fitness lead dancing, and live conducting.

    Headset microphone pickup head has omnidirectional ** and single pointing ** two kinds, such as Figure 6 (a) and (b). The former is worn as long as the pickup head is adjusted on the left and right sides of the mouth, about a finger's distance from the corners of the mouth, and maintain a vertical direction with the corners of the mouth, you can avoid airburst murmurs, to achieve the clearest acoustics, such as Figure 6 (a).

    The latter pickups because of the directionality, in live singing, than the omnidirectional microphone has a richer bass and wider dynamic range, better sound quality, but the pickups hanging way is relatively more critical, in addition to sensitivity will change due to the distance from the mouth, the pickups near the effect of speaking and airburst murmur response is also more sensitive.

    Theoretically, the pickup head is located directly in front of the mouth of the best sound quality, but our social location on the singer's "image" seems to have a slightly different impact, and easy to develop by the interference of air bursts, so companies usually use the recommended students still need to avoid the front of the mouth to the middle of the chin position will be more secure.

    Experience has shown that the front of the microphone pickup head and the corner of the mouth to maintain a distance of about a finger, and the corner of the mouth to maintain a horizontal direction of about 45 ° is more ideal for hanging position, such as Figure 6 (b), you can avoid the destruction of the sound of air bursts, but also to show the best sensitivity and sound quality.

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  • Comment choisir un bon matelas?

    Si une personne vit jusqu'à 80 ans, le temps passé au lit est d'environ 26 ans. Le lit est sans aucun doute l'un des endroits les plus importants de la maison. Le confort du lit n'est pas déterminé par le cadre du lit, mais par le matelas , mais il y a de nombreux facteurs à considérer lors du choix d'un matelas.


    Le standard d'un bon matelas

    1. Anti-interférence

    Selon des recherches scientifiques, les gens dorment en moyenne 40 à 60 fois par nuit. Si le matelas ne supporte pas bien votre corps, cela provoquera une pression corporelle ou un engourdissement, ce qui affectera la qualité du sommeil, augmentera le nombre de tours et causer une interruption du sommeil, donc vous ne pouvez pas dormir.

    2. Modéré doux et dur

    Un matelas bien soutenu doit avoir des forces de soutien différentes en fonction de la courbe physiologique de la personne pour réduire la pression sur la tête et les fesses, et en même temps faire en sorte que les parties enfoncées du corps humain obtiennent une bonne force de soutien. Par conséquent, le matelas est trop dur et inconfortable, et il est facile de serrer les fesses et la tête, ce qui provoque des douleurs. Si le lit est très mou et n'a pas de support, le corps de la personne s'enfoncera et la colonne vertébrale se déformera.

    3. Perméabilité à l'air

    Il doit avoir une bonne perméabilité à l'air, afin que le matelas et le corps ne soient pas en contact pendant une longue période et que la température de certaines parties ne soit pas trop élevée. La chaleur et l'humidité qui peuvent être générées pendant le processus de gestion du sommeil peuvent être libéré à temps pour assurer un sommeil continu et confortable, sinon il est facile de produire des bactéries., Mène facilement à des maladies de la peau.

    4. Protection de l'environnement

    Tout en faisant attention au confort, il faut également prêter attention à la protection de l'environnement du matelas. Si la teneur en formaldéhyde dépasse la norme, cela nuira à notre santé, nous choisissons donc des matelas et essayons de choisir des produits de matelas sains. Après tout, une bonne santé est la chose la plus importante.

    Classification des matelas

    1. Matelas de palme

    Il existe deux matelas de palmier de recherche: le palmier de montagne et le cocotier. Le palmier de montagne est principalement composé de gaines foliaires de palmiers qui poussent dans un environnement froid, c'est un matelas dur. Il a une forte résistance à la corrosion et à l'eau, est plus respectueux de l'environnement et est plus résistant à la moisissure et aux mites. La technologie de fabrication du matelas de palmier de montagne comprend principalement le collage par des adhésifs et des matériaux tissés à la main. Il existe deux façons différentes. Le l'art tissé à la main est relativement plus sain.Le prix d'un matelas de palmier de montagne pur est beaucoup plus cher que le cocotier chinois.

    2. Matelas à ressorts

    Les matelas à ressorts sont les matelas courants qui sont comparativement étudiés sur le marché. Ils peuvent être divisés en deux types. L'un est les ressorts traditionnels connectés, qui nécessitent une rigidité élevée, un sommeil difficile et une faible capacité anti-interférence. Le lit entier se déplace comme dès que vous vous couchez.

    3. Matelas en mousse

    À l'heure actuelle, il existe trois types de matelas en mousse sur le marché: les matelas en mousse à mémoire de forme, les matelas en mousse de polyuréthane et les matelas à haute mousse. Les matelas en mousse de polyuréthane sont les plus couramment utilisés sur le marché. Le polyuréthane est très répandu sur le marché. Ce matériau est caractérisé par la résilience.Lent, et le prix est le moins cher de tous les matériaux, ce qui conduit à son soutien et son adhérence.

    4. Matelas en latex

    Le matelas en latex a été formé par évaporation et a une élasticité élevée, qui peut répondre aux besoins de différents groupes de poids corporel d'étudiants dans l'entreprise.Ses bonnes performances du système de soutien peuvent s'adapter à diverses positions de sommeil dans la société. La surface de contact des matelas en latex est beaucoup plus élevée que celle des matelas ordinaires, qui peuvent répartir uniformément la capacité de charge du corps, avoir pour fonction de corriger certaines mauvaises positions de sommeil et avoir pour effet de stériliser. Une autre caractéristique majeure des matelas en latex est l'absence de bruit, pas de vibration, une gestion efficace pour améliorer la qualité de l'environnement de sommeil du patient, une bonne perméabilité à l'air et des niveaux de prix économiques relativement élevés sur le marché.

    Au lieu de le regarder, essayez-le vous-même. S'allonger est la sensation la plus intuitive. Vous pouvez ressentir cet effet lorsque vous vous allongez dans votre position habituelle pendant 10 minutes, et il est également important que vous vous sentiez à l'aise lorsque vous dormez.

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  • Essential Things of the Wireless Conversation System

    A typical Wireless Communication Procedure can be divided into a few aspects: the Transmitter, the Channel along with the Receiver. The next picture displays the block diagram of wireless conversation system.

    smart module

    The Transmission Route

    A typical transmission path of the Wi-fi Interaction Process is made up of Encoder, Encryption, Modulation and Multiplexing. The signal with the resource is passed by way of a Supply Encoder, which converts the signal in to a appropriate form for applying signal processing procedures.

    The redundant facts from signal is removed in this particular system as a way to maximise the utilization of methods. This sign is then encrypted employing an Encryption Normal to ensure that the signal and also the facts is secured and doesn?¡¥t permit any unauthorised obtain.

    Channel Encoding can be a procedure that is placed on the signal to reduce the impairments like noise, interference, and so on. In the course of this process, a small volume of redundancy is introduced to your sign making sure that it will become sturdy against noise. Then the signal is modulated using an acceptable Modulation Strategy (like PSK, FSK and QPSK and so on.) , in order that the sign can be very easily transmitted using antenna.

    The modulated sign is then multiplexed with other indicators using distinct Multiplexing Strategies like Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) or Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM) to share the valuable bandwidth.

    The Channel

    The channel in Wi-fi Conversation indicates the medium of transmission on the sign i.e. open space. A wi-fi channel is unpredictable and likewise remarkably variable and random in character. A channel maybe issue to interference, distortion, noise, scattering and many others. and the outcome is the fact that the obtained signal may well be filled with errors.

    The Reception Path

    The work in the Receiver is always to obtain the sign in the channel and reproduce it because the source signal. The reception path of a Wireless Interaction Procedure comprises of Demultiplexing , Demodulation, Channel Decoding, Decryption and Supply Decoding. From the components on the reception path it is apparent which the undertaking in the receiver is simply the inverse to that of transmitter.

    The signal with the channel is received by the Demultiplexer and is particularly separated from other alerts. The individual signals are demodulated making use of ideal Demodulation Tactics and also the original information signal is recovered. The redundant bits within the information are taken out utilizing the Channel Decoder.

    Due to the fact the information is encrypted, Decryption of your signal eliminates the safety and turns it into straightforward sequence of bits. Ultimately, this signal is presented to your Source Decoder to get again the initial transmitted concept or signal.

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  • What is Cloud Automation and What it Means for Virtualized Environment?

    The modernization of IT operations and networking practices has led to a rapid adoption of an automated and specialized brand of technologies and tools for computing. These are collectively classified as part of Cloud Computing Automation or simply Cloud Automation. Cloud Automation is considered one of the top necessities for a successful digital transformation, and therefore, needs a deep study of how effectively automation processes can accelerate IT modernization from the context of the environment, analytics, optimization of workforce management 雲端伺服器, resources planning and its impact on the overall business processes. According to Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Cloud Automation platform is vital to any DevOps-centric business as it provides a set of “flexible services designed to enable companies to more rapidly and reliably build and deliver products using Cloud computing and DevOps practices.”

    In the modern context of cloud management, these services simplify provisioning and managing various Cloud infrastructure, including for deploying application code, automating software release processes, and monitoring an application and infrastructure performance.

    In this article, we have put forward a simple approach to understand “What is Cloud Computing?”, major trends in the industry and the emerging technologies that are pushing the boundaries of Cloud computing in the modern era of Intelligent Automation (IA) and Augmented Intelligence (AI).

    What is Cloud Automation?

    Cloud Automation is the advanced application within IT management practices that leverages various disciplines of computing and software designing. There are many industry-recognized definitions of Cloud Computing. We have identified the top 5 sources of Cloud Computing definition.

    According to IBM, Cloud Computing offers an on-demand access to various computing resources, testing tools and application servers in addition to data storage and analytics platforms. It has defined Cloud Computing as a “technology that makes cloud work.”

    Microsoft Azure is a popular Cloud Automation platform. Microsoft defines “Cloud Automation as a tool that delivers a cloud-based automation and configuration service to support consistent management across your Azure and non-Azure environments.” These could comprise of solutions and tools for managing the process automation, configuration automation, and licensing. These could be used for controlling one or many workflows right from Cloud deployment stage to decommissioning of workflows and resources.

    Sumologic states that “cloud automation is the practice or discipline of using specialized software tools and methodologies to automate some or all of the manual tasks associated with managing and operating cloud-based IT infrastructure within the Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud environments”

    NetApp defines cloud computing as a purely ITOps approach that enables “IT teams and developers to create, modify, and tear down resources on the cloud automatically.”

    As per UiPath, Cloud automation is a SaaS-based solution for advanced provisioning and use of hosted software applications for various IT tasks and their management across the value chain. From managing licenses to creating Robotic Process Automation (RPA) workflows, Cloud Automation can create simplified environment using machines, virtualized networks, job rules and schedules to meet Cloud performance demands.

    What AppDynamics states about Cloud automation? According to AppDynamics, Cloud Automation refers to the identification, deployment and processing of various cloud management techniques to reduce manual effort or intervention with the help of automated provisioning, configuring and managing Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud environment.

    We have given a spin to Cloud Automation definition based on the analysis of various tools and technologies that are currently available (or developing) within the various Cloud Computing ecosystems, including Virtualization and Dockerization.

    Cloud automation, thus, can be defined as the IT modernization technique that modern IT and DevOps teams need to fully orchestrate, augment and automate various IT processes on virtualized environment working within a Public, Private or a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure.

    an IT team needs to use orchestration and automation tools that run on top of its virtualized environment.

    Benefits of Deploying Cloud Automation

    IT organizations can derive major benefits from Cloud Automation deployments, apart from reducing the manual effort in handling of complex IT management processes, including administrative and logging systems.

    According to AppDynamics, cloud automation is essential to a successful transition to leveraging Cloud infrastructure and can include tasks such as automated storage and backups, managing security and compliance, changing configurations and settings, and deploying code.

    Cloud automation software tools automatically control the installation, configuration, and management of cloud computing systems. These enable IT teams, large as well as small, to accurately measure the volume of IT resources needed to successfully complete the modernization / transformation. Automation is seen as a resource-saving and time-optimizing technique even as it can streamline all the activities related to Cloud Computing and peripheral specializations such as Software DevOps, mobile virtualization, AI-based automation for ETL and CI/ CD workflows.


    As per popular AiThority.com’s IT predictions for 2021, organizations would increasingly use Cloud Computing and Automation tools to meet their digital transformation goals and requirements. By 2025, nearly half of the global businesses would move to distributed Cloud infrastructure to generate and accelerate revenue powered by Automation-led digital transformations. The growing use of Cloud computing would also enable companies to move to Container-based management, led by highly effective Cloud-native applications and software development.





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  • Its primary function expected, outside the workplace,寵物保健食品 is to be the family dog, the companion of every day and every moment and often guard.    

    Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

    The Groenendael has a beauty without vanity寵物保健食品, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity, and all the virtues of man without his vices.

    It will show alert, docile and very brave with a strong instinct of anticipation, all these features make it an excellent watchdog and defense.

    The Groenendael is renowned for its elegance, lively eyes and intelligence寵物保健食品. It is muscular, endurance and sportsmanship are foolproof.

    The Groenendaal is a dynamic dog, easy to train and a keen intelligence. Highly versatile and adaptable, he is the ideal companion with family

    For sports fans canine obedience, agility, the Ring and ROI reveal the champion that lies in every Groenendael. But beware the master to follow.

    Family is a joyful and playful temperament, even with children. It is a rustic and robust dog that poses no health particular problem. But watch will be indispensable perfectly educate and give it to the activity.

    Insofar as the Belgian Shepherd Malinois beginning to the police dog par excellence, he made a little shade at Groenendael. It's the same dog, genetics and common origin with the same potential, only the fur is different and it is working against the Groenendael. Indeed the Groenendael requires more maintenance, suffers from heat, and its fur is often a handicap in intervention.

    I advise you to know the minimum characteristics of the breed and choose your breeder.

    Some breeders prefer dogs called beauty lines, others prefer working lines. It will require you to ask questions. In all cases a puppy should be tested, regardless of lineage.

    A Groenendael should be great attention when choosing breeding, and it will pass the test of the Campbell puppy you considering buying. It will be essential that you consider the sociability and the docility of the future puppy. If you want a family dog ​​taking a dog to the gentle nature, if you want to use or canine sports like RCI take a puppy with a strong character and that tends to be autonomous. Education will be essential in all cases, and do not think that the strong character will necessarily be more difficult to educate. For it will be against the applicant activity.

    Breeders strive to produce good and beautiful dogs. You should know what you expect of your future dog. A working line is the minimum to canine sports like agility, the Tracking, the Herd and ideal for the Groenendael is ROI.

    A company line requires less sport is very family pet. It will nevertheless a good deal of activity.

    We must speak the truth. If you want a Groenendael excellence, it will direct you to the farms that adhere to the French Club of the Belgian Shepherd. Warning lot of scammers abuse.

    Remember that the Groenendael dog is very active, with a strong character, which does not support long loneliness, and that requires serious education with proper socialization.

    All played between 3 and 12 weeks, to make your puppy a sociable animal. The choice of the breeder is essential. Rehabilitation will be very difficult this race after eight months.

    Behavioral problems often have two related causes: a bad start in breeding and inadequate education.

    The Groenendael is a healthy mind in a healthy body. He is confident, responsive, continuously available. He exercises with equal talent work or family dog ​​function and I maintain it is the equivalent of a Malinois, only the hair is different. The Tervueren it will be a little bit below, so more bookable family dog, and sports such as Agility.

    At home, learning the hierarchy and respect must be done at a young age. At eight weeks, you will have to start his education.

    It has to remain firm but fair. The Groenendael includes fast and longing to learn.

    Environment matters a lot, there must find a balance.

    Demanding emotionally, Groenendael enjoys being sought. He likes to play and likes to be involved. He likes to have a role to play to feel part of the family in itself.

    With children in the family will be attentive player. A great complicity may arise between them by learning to children from an early age respect for the animal and its needs. Once these concepts of respect acquired the dog and the child can become the best of friends.

    It is very important to teach your child the dog's calming positions. Your child can take better advantage of its relationship with the dog, if he knows the language. The Groenendael is very dynamic, it will therefore know how to say "Stop".

    Apartment life should hurt. Now, if you often go out without you satisfied with the tour of the house, he can live in an apartment. Before you leave it alone, it will take a long apprenticeship, which will be gradual. It will be essential that it is a derivation, or occupation if you want better. From experience, I urge you not to prolong the moments where he will remain alone, as even educated it will be very hard psychologically for him.

    A pavilion in Groenendaal will not flourish if it is still fragmented in the garden. He needs to take long walks and to be physically active.

    You should at least go out once a day for an hour when an individual adult .. my Groenendaels out an hour a day, and goes twice a week in a club.

    The Groenendael is recognized for its versatility, known for his intelligence and appreciated for his loyalty to his master. The characteristics of the breed argue in education.

    Naturally obedient, he is listening to his master his skills in education are particularly good. It will nevertheless you invest in his education very early.

    The Groenendael request a master who is calm and righteous. There are two golden rules in dog training: you must not cry, you should not touch the dog. The education section of this guide will be invaluable.

    Come to the crucial point is a sensitive dog, it does not flourish in a climate of brutality, or loneliness, it can quickly become fearful.

    balanced dog par excellence, it will be disoriented in a climate of shouting and angry and may develop fear with the consequences of the risks bites.

    But too much indulgence should not him. Flexibility and a minimum firmness will make a happy living animal, vigilant and conscientious, but also thoughtful.

    In short it can be mounted so it will reassure fearful with the dog sport, but we must also learn to stop because it can be carried away in his enthusiasm.

    Trust is the key word of the relationship you have established with your Groenendael.

    He absolutely need an education, care, and sports, if you do not want to load, do not take a Groenendael, he will be unhappy. It is beautiful, smart, athletic, versatile, with a very strong instinct, but it has specific needs.

    The dog's historical role was undoubtedly that of a herding.

    Its original purpose has gradually disappeared in favor of family or professional jobs.

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