• Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

    Its primary function expected, outside the workplace,寵物保健食品 is to be the family dog, the companion of every day and every moment and often guard.    

    Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

    The Groenendael has a beauty without vanity寵物保健食品, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity, and all the virtues of man without his vices.

    It will show alert, docile and very brave with a strong instinct of anticipation, all these features make it an excellent watchdog and defense.

    The Groenendael is renowned for its elegance, lively eyes and intelligence寵物保健食品. It is muscular, endurance and sportsmanship are foolproof.

    The Groenendaal is a dynamic dog, easy to train and a keen intelligence. Highly versatile and adaptable, he is the ideal companion with family

    For sports fans canine obedience, agility, the Ring and ROI reveal the champion that lies in every Groenendael. But beware the master to follow.

    Family is a joyful and playful temperament, even with children. It is a rustic and robust dog that poses no health particular problem. But watch will be indispensable perfectly educate and give it to the activity.

    Insofar as the Belgian Shepherd Malinois beginning to the police dog par excellence, he made a little shade at Groenendael. It's the same dog, genetics and common origin with the same potential, only the fur is different and it is working against the Groenendael. Indeed the Groenendael requires more maintenance, suffers from heat, and its fur is often a handicap in intervention.

    I advise you to know the minimum characteristics of the breed and choose your breeder.

    Some breeders prefer dogs called beauty lines, others prefer working lines. It will require you to ask questions. In all cases a puppy should be tested, regardless of lineage.

    A Groenendael should be great attention when choosing breeding, and it will pass the test of the Campbell puppy you considering buying. It will be essential that you consider the sociability and the docility of the future puppy. If you want a family dog ​​taking a dog to the gentle nature, if you want to use or canine sports like RCI take a puppy with a strong character and that tends to be autonomous. Education will be essential in all cases, and do not think that the strong character will necessarily be more difficult to educate. For it will be against the applicant activity.

    Breeders strive to produce good and beautiful dogs. You should know what you expect of your future dog. A working line is the minimum to canine sports like agility, the Tracking, the Herd and ideal for the Groenendael is ROI.

    A company line requires less sport is very family pet. It will nevertheless a good deal of activity.

    We must speak the truth. If you want a Groenendael excellence, it will direct you to the farms that adhere to the French Club of the Belgian Shepherd. Warning lot of scammers abuse.

    Remember that the Groenendael dog is very active, with a strong character, which does not support long loneliness, and that requires serious education with proper socialization.

    All played between 3 and 12 weeks, to make your puppy a sociable animal. The choice of the breeder is essential. Rehabilitation will be very difficult this race after eight months.

    Behavioral problems often have two related causes: a bad start in breeding and inadequate education.

    The Groenendael is a healthy mind in a healthy body. He is confident, responsive, continuously available. He exercises with equal talent work or family dog ​​function and I maintain it is the equivalent of a Malinois, only the hair is different. The Tervueren it will be a little bit below, so more bookable family dog, and sports such as Agility.

    At home, learning the hierarchy and respect must be done at a young age. At eight weeks, you will have to start his education.

    It has to remain firm but fair. The Groenendael includes fast and longing to learn.

    Environment matters a lot, there must find a balance.

    Demanding emotionally, Groenendael enjoys being sought. He likes to play and likes to be involved. He likes to have a role to play to feel part of the family in itself.

    With children in the family will be attentive player. A great complicity may arise between them by learning to children from an early age respect for the animal and its needs. Once these concepts of respect acquired the dog and the child can become the best of friends.

    It is very important to teach your child the dog's calming positions. Your child can take better advantage of its relationship with the dog, if he knows the language. The Groenendael is very dynamic, it will therefore know how to say "Stop".

    Apartment life should hurt. Now, if you often go out without you satisfied with the tour of the house, he can live in an apartment. Before you leave it alone, it will take a long apprenticeship, which will be gradual. It will be essential that it is a derivation, or occupation if you want better. From experience, I urge you not to prolong the moments where he will remain alone, as even educated it will be very hard psychologically for him.

    A pavilion in Groenendaal will not flourish if it is still fragmented in the garden. He needs to take long walks and to be physically active.

    You should at least go out once a day for an hour when an individual adult .. my Groenendaels out an hour a day, and goes twice a week in a club.

    The Groenendael is recognized for its versatility, known for his intelligence and appreciated for his loyalty to his master. The characteristics of the breed argue in education.

    Naturally obedient, he is listening to his master his skills in education are particularly good. It will nevertheless you invest in his education very early.

    The Groenendael request a master who is calm and righteous. There are two golden rules in dog training: you must not cry, you should not touch the dog. The education section of this guide will be invaluable.

    Come to the crucial point is a sensitive dog, it does not flourish in a climate of brutality, or loneliness, it can quickly become fearful.

    balanced dog par excellence, it will be disoriented in a climate of shouting and angry and may develop fear with the consequences of the risks bites.

    But too much indulgence should not him. Flexibility and a minimum firmness will make a happy living animal, vigilant and conscientious, but also thoughtful.

    In short it can be mounted so it will reassure fearful with the dog sport, but we must also learn to stop because it can be carried away in his enthusiasm.

    Trust is the key word of the relationship you have established with your Groenendael.

    He absolutely need an education, care, and sports, if you do not want to load, do not take a Groenendael, he will be unhappy. It is beautiful, smart, athletic, versatile, with a very strong instinct, but it has specific needs.

    The dog's historical role was undoubtedly that of a herding.

    Its original purpose has gradually disappeared in favor of family or professional jobs.

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