• The regional IGAD bloc, mediating the conflict, has threatened sanctions if they fail to abide by the agreement.瑪姬美容

    It follows a rare meeting between President Salva Kiir and rebel chief Riek Machar in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

    Previous deals to end the violence have been broken by both sides, compounding the worsening humanitarian crisis.

    Thousands have now died in the conflict that started as a political dispute between Mr Kiir and Mr Machar, his sacked deputy, but escalated into ethnic violence.瑪姬美容

    More than a million people have fled their homes since fighting erupted last December.
    Sanctions threat

    Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn announced the new agreement on Tuesday, after President Kiir and Mr Machar met on the sidelines of an IGAD summit on Tuesday,

    "If they don't abide to this agreement, IGAD as an organisation will act to implement peace in South Sudan. On that, we have different options including sanctions and [other] punitive actions as well," he said.

    "There has been a growing tendency to continue with the war," he added, criticising both sides for breaking a previous ceasefire agreed on 9 May.

    It is the first time South Sudan's neighbours have issued such a warning, reflecting a growing frustrating with the South Sudanese leaders瑪姬美容,

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  • More than 300,000 vehicles will be decommissioned in the capital Beijing.

    Recent findings from the state's environmental agency showed that 31% of the air pollution in Beijing comes from vehicle exhaust fumes.

    Next year, the government plans to scrap up to five million vehicles from other regions.

    The action plan, aimed at strengthening control on vehicle emissions, "will be a major agenda item for the country's energy savings, emissions reductions, and low-carbon development during the next two years".

    That is according to a statement on the government's web portal.

    Fighting pollution has emerged as a priority for China's leaders as they try to reverse damage done by decades of manufacturing-driven growth, which has sacrificed the nation's air, water and soil qualities.

    The state council did not offer details on how the latest plan will be implemented.

    But in Beijing, the municipal government has previously offered subsidies to car owners to voluntarily turn in their ageing vehicles to be scrapped.

    In addition to removing vehicles which contribute to air pollution, experts are calling for quality upgrades in fuels, which can also help mitigate air pollution and smog.

    After years of denying the issue existed, the central government earlier this year accepted that pollution was of genuine concern.

    It now publishes figures for the air quality in China's major cities, and in 2013 promised $275bn (£163bn) to tackle the issue in the next five years, setting targets for air quality improvements.じええのブログ /ふしいsぢ じゅすあうぇ じしいそ lomeng

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  • The U-2’s enormous wingspan is what helps give it the lift needed to stay afloat miles above the ground – it measures 103ft (31.4m) from tip-to-tip. But when it comes to landing it proves very tricky indeed. The pilot’s job is made trickier in that the aircraft’s design is so honed to keeping it in the air that the plane will only land when the wing is fully stalled, and the lack of electrically-powered controls makes the plane very physically demanding at lower altitudes. The pilot’s cockpit position, also makes it very hard to judge the plane’s distance from the ground, and there’s another problem – the undercarriage. Unlike most planes, the U-2 does not boast three-wheel undercarriage, but instead has two main landing gears located at the front and back of the aircraft, like bicycle wheels. The landing procedure is so precarious that U-2s are accompanied by a fellow pilot following the plane in a chase car, and giving him directions via a radio. The fun doesn’t end there; when the plane comes to rest it’s with one wingtip scraping along the ground. The wingtips are reinforced with special landing skids to take this into account.

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  • Experience like a dried fruit, fruit is not fresh, the taste is still, when there are chewy. People must be good at to chew this dried fruit, to abandon raise a new spirit, new joy, new life.

    Life is not a taste, experience is not a model. Some experiences, some experience like a high mountain. This is the gift of fate has given us -- a chance to practice a gritty, we should be glad, glad to take it. Don't because of difficult and frustrating, believe ", "go up, infinite scenery in the peak. The life will be more than a into real, more than a heavy variety. Mediocre life, is no purgatory, have a smooth, easy and comfortable, but dull, colour pale and single, life is empty without light Interactive Display.

    Life is a never-ending hard, don't be afraid and refused to the poor. Beyond the hardship, is life of the strong. On the voyage of life, the mountains, the ground to walk, bitter, sweet and sour taste. Any experience is a kind of accumulation, the accumulation, the more people the more mature. More experience, life length; Experience is wide, life is thickness. Has experienced the challenge of sinister, have a high life; Experienced hardship temper, life have strength; The test of experienced setbacks, life is brightness.

    The growth of the people is to experience, personal experience has more with less, strong light, suitable inverse, success, or anger, sorrow, sorrow and happiness in it. Any experience, whether success or failure, always left a mark on the path of life, suddenly look back when the benefit from it.

    One day when we look back on the past, looking back on the road of life, it is rich and colorful or pale, it is brilliant or dust, diffuse, it depends on where we visited yesterday, what things, what's been the pursuit, what achievements, tomorrow we will begin to what kind of journey, and go back to know what all kinds of people, through what yuan, Yin deficiency, Maya angelou.

    Experience and his life is not only closely related to create material wealth, is a valuable spiritual wealth. Taking the advantage of young, to get out and see, read thousands of books, walking is a good; Better to read person's innumerable view. Perhaps, read numerous books than travelling. Only out of your own little world, perhaps, life will only perceive the real world. Perhaps, way, way, more will have walk. The pattern of life and dream step by step to come out otterbox armor series .

    In our place oneself in the real life, experience is the wealth, the experience is the hone, the experience is the experience, the experience is the growth, the experience is the accumulation of... All experiences are footprints in the voyage of life, is life process, is a kind of wealth. If life is a book, every experience is a story in a book or a chapter. It can be scanned, and available for others to see, to whom has the role of the enlightenment, warning. Any experience is a kind of accumulation, the accumulation, the more people the more mature. More experience, life length; Experience is wide, life is thickness. Has experienced the challenge of sinister, have a high life; Experienced hardship temper, life have strength; The test of experienced setbacks, life is brightness.

    Experienced, just know to cherish, experienced, is gradually mature, hk idc


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